a call for submission from one badass literary zine based in U.K. for their 11th issue. Theme : Punk

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June 2, 2017 · 12:58 pm

Resurrection Of A Sunflower : An anthology of poetry & prose channeling Van Gogh https://mincioedintorni.com/2017/05/15/resurrection-of-a-sunflower-unantologia-di-artisti-internazionali-dedicata-a-vincent-van-gogh/

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rejection letters. tell me about it. Tayo by Anggo Genorga

Source: Tayo by Anggo Genorga

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Channeling Vincent Van Gogh through a Catfish McDaris call for submissions

Renowned author Catfish McDaris is curating a collection of writing and art inspired by artist Vincent van Gogh. The book is intended for the van Gogh Library in Nuenen, The Netherlands. Submission…

Source: Catfish McDaris seeks submissions for van Gogh Anthology

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Theme From WordPress by Anggo Genorga

not exactly a Valentines Day poem. Thanks to Tasha of In Between Hangovers

read more at https://inbetweenhangovers.wordpress.com

In Between Hangovers

take comfort in the fact
that someone out there
is taking their time

to like you.

some never had the opportunity
at best, they had read you
but you’ll never know about it

so ask yourself,
is liking you means reading you ?
or they just want you to

take comfort in the fact
that someone out there
is taking their time

to like you.

anggo-genorga I was born and raised in the Philippines and currently lives in Dubai moonlighting as a manager of a band called Wonder Woman’s Electric Bra. My recent writings can be found in Napalm And Novocain, Dead Snakes, Paper And Ink Zine, The Odd Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique and Guide To Kulchur. Also in Boston Poetry Magazine, Empty Mirror, Mad Swirl and Silver Birch Press’ Bukowski : An Anthology of Poetry & Prose about Charles Bukowski and the book for benefit Verses Typhoon Yolanda : A…

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# 6 and this other poet

kaarawan pala ni idol


me and this poet went to the same college only i was
debarred after a year for FA’s and non – attendance;

it was him in Isetann Recto, looking for a Marley fix
on the record store where i used to steal casette tapes;

me and a drummer friend used to bum cigarettes
with a guy who was one of the staff writers
of the school’s literary journal and always carried
a cd of Ritual De Lo Habitual like a security blanket
and kept bugging us to submit poems to him;

The Flame was the name of this literary journal
and this is where i first read about his
three poem suite called Guru And Ganja;

the same journal was given to me three years after
by one of my classmates on the new school i was enrolled in
who also went to the same university and was debarred as…

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or get yourself raped

somewhere dark

and dirty

or get your kid raped,

or your sister,

and worst, physically abused

w/ cigarette burns

on her nipples and fingers;

the rights you fight for

eclipsed with their fear

of walking alone

going home

where it should be safe

so fuck your ideals.

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