who’s got the light?

How real is God?

This guy here, Jesus,

battered and crucified

wounded and spitted at

killed by kings

cried over and mourned

by His people

was placed in a pedestal

and revered as holy

the Key, the Saviour

the Way, the Light

home’s in Heaven

got great mercy

can set us free.

The drug-addled me,

katorse kahapon

ngayon wasted

and crucified on my bed

spitted and killed

by kings of their own head

cried over by girlfriends

put in pedestal by pushers

and dubbed abuse as holy

got the key been a saviour

knows the way provides the light

feeling heaven

drinkin beer 7-11

just a fine show of mercy

with drugs

i’ll set you free.

from ” deviationcummeditation”


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