i bellow

no one knows about this

       except friends and lovers

       ghosts and vultures

haven’t passed any writings

        let alone a piece of poem

        unpublished at all

not featured on any literary journal

        compiled poetry or any form of media

worse, no open performances never had a chance

         to recite in public, workshops,any festivities

nobody asks me or comment something with regards

         to my influences, muse, philosophy, visions

i am not fully discovered; stagnation is a drag and

         frighteningly real behind closed doors

i bellow my presence in this field, in your scene

         within your circle, in your books, in the same room

recognized and established, known and glorified

          to be or not to be, hear ye! hear ye!

i shall arrived blazing, mad and vindictive to thee,

                                                       bellows a poet


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