thomasian lovepoem

bodies feasting on debauchery, far out and ugly

winking eyes and battered faces,

nicotine mouths, shaking knees and elbows

and hands that runs like crazy…lady came, womanly ass

soft and fast asleep — white t-shirt without bra baring skin and legs

of moslem – like flesh and midnight breath….

gentle touch on lust and stroke within seconds;

consciousness replenished and words mumbled over and over,

arms now crookedly wrapped all over and cheek resting on neck til lips

locks again and tongues crawls in abandon

eyes glinting and pulse’ moans like speaking in tongues

even more tormented; seek refuge in much darker place….

quivering hips on hard surface, rough dust and dirt all consenting

fingers stretched out attacking without any warning, throbbing inside to

make come…delicate mad breast with erect nipples, thomasian penis

deranged hands and fingers on the threshold of vaginal heaven

til hurt voice silently begged to stop and sooner came in to a halt —-

awakened and delighted…kissed and charmingly smiles with satisfaction

and disbelief on this new revelation and seeming to want some more —-

yes, til the next night….til the next morning…


from ” a mess of lovepoems “


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