late lovepoem on ashes

eyeballs clamped their wings and

lay vertically on the ashes. burned lips

from cigarette butts all ash, ash words flows from

three year old ashes : pyrrhic and breathe, idol, creep,

mother, alcohol, krishna, crazednadonnas, kiss and breathing skin.

one year of god, immortalized venus on angel dust, anniversaries, birthdays

and deaths of somebody and a whole bunch of phantoms had already fade away

thru being ashes once or perhaps forever.

i’m immortalizing our pain, pisces.

i’m immortalizing our yearnings

and i’m exhausted.

the air around shut and here with me, i have

your incense of distant heaven. it’s six o’ clock

on the dead clock 14th of March, i’m writing both of us down

as a gift.


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