it’s only now the characters both wake up

and feel the atmosphere around them.

tonight, he have the world as shelter.

he felt the warmth of the sun.

he felt pain and tasted blood.


is your skin really this soft?

you just kept on watching the angel

and the woman falling in love with each other.

i thought it was boring.

i tried to draw you — sideview — in the dark

but nothing came up resembling you, and

i was having this crazy idea that you would

turn into someone i used to know.


let’s go home. are we leaving the fries here?

and the usher kept flashing her lights on me

because my feet was hanging on the empty

seat in front of us. and you asked who sang

the theme song but i didn’t know who.


it’s only now they both wake up and see

and i turn around and i see you covering

your eyes and i asked myself why do people

have to look around as dark and light projected

from the screen. it left me dumb silent and was

hopelessly waiting for you to talk, and imagining

you and i were somebody else because we’re 

all lonely here and we’re altogether and we all

want to belong to someone else, or we won’t be

here otherwise.


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