the door

Paranoia is a heightened sense of awareness.
– john lennon

our mainman jose
jumped right out
the window as soon
as he heard the loud
bang on their door
his kid screaming
his wife hitting
the policeman with
a pan on the shoulders
we were aghast, stiff;
i was dumb founded and
still have smokes not
inhaled yet that went
circles inside my mouth.
r was violently resisting
arrest and was cursing
while jan was trying to
climb the stairs and flee,
another policeman hit him
on the leg while another
slam the wife down the floor
and the kid was on the side
crying papa!mama!papa!mama!
sooner we got our hands up
against the wall and one of us,
i don’t remember who, whispered
that the lord will take care of us now
and we still can’t believe what just
happened and i looked at the door as
jan asked me to take another hit and
long and hard i did, deadening this fucking
scene that was playing nonstop in my head
ever since we arrived in mang jose’s place.


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