thomas chatterton in the same room

say where have you been? – don’t do me no favor
you’re too late for me, and if you’re a ghost
then you are a ghost and i don’t need you.
go talk to that boy, he’s in love and desperate
to let the world know about it and i find that morbid
if he aspires to be a poet so sit with him put a different
heart on him go twists his sight and make him see death;
fifteen years ago, i asked you to give me inspiration and
here i am now probably dying in a lot more similar ways
like you but im glad with what you’ve done though it’s not
something to talk about to anyone, but that boy you ought to
tell him we have a small room so he can’t just fuck around
unless he got plenty of time to juggle in his pocket
make him listen make him do drugs or something get him laid
until inspiration flows out of him like divine cum on the
river of holy euphrates yeah yeah he’s getting better
with the writing but tell him if he wanna keep on playing pablo
don’t blame me if nothing comes out of it because he did not pay
attention when i said go fuck around a lil bit and quit beating his meat
go get a lady go get a whore, that will put a radical change in his head
buy himself a new perspective. so stop spending your time on me,
we’re old friends and i know what you already know
and i cannot be impressed by you anymore.


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