hell in venus

if there is hell on Earth
then it is on Venus
and i tell you man
if you’re on my wavelength
you know what i mean
you cannot complain
if you have the money
and no one to care
then you’re not there
when everything happens
its always somebody
not you in there in action
having a piece of the cake
you’re not there
you’re someplace else
you’re with your family
tending the dog and staying
late watching pirated dvd’s
you’re with your wife
looking for an excuse
to avoid a big fight
you’re with your friends
back in the saddle again
you’re with yourself
and talking to yourself

time passes slowly and
time passes fast and
you pay no mind whether
you’re moving or not
because you’re 
someplace else
looking but not touching
touching but not tasting
tasting but not liking it
and the devil you met
is a friend that you covet
a couple of years ago
you say hello and he tell
you to stay but you’ll walk
away and restlessly you
changed your mind
any given day after all
you’re not there
you’re in someplace else
and you say this place is
something else and wish that
you’re not there
you’re in someplace else


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