they laugh like nonsense
and always on the lookout for
something someone amusing so they
can go and laugh some more;
they have lame work ethics and
completely unaware that they don’t
have an inch of respect to the people
around them. being underpaid seems ok
because they never been down all their life
or if they did then they haven’t learn
anything from it. over the years
they had become expert in patronizing
and condescending at the same time without
you knowing it. eating and buying food is
a sport and work is a shallow water where
they can dip their dirty lil toes all day long.
they can’t wait for lunch
they can’t wait to play games
they can’t wait to sing their songs
they can’t wait to go home
they rush to work like its the first day
of the morning during closing time
and doze off and eat like a sneaky thief
in between. yet they always get lucky
they always get a piece of the cake
and eat it too. you just gotta envy them
for that and you can never get enough of them.
they can also kill you with kindness.


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