touch of splendor

watching the
harvey pekar
biopic with the
wife, she asks
me if maybe she’s
depressed and
that is why she
tend to sleep
most of the time —
and i said yes.

there and then,
i related on almost
every fucking
husband and wife
scene on the movie :
the pet cat staying
with pekar on the
bathroom while
he’s in pain, and
his wife demanding

some space in the
house, messin with
his record collection
and wanting to do
something with her
own life and profiling
all the friends his
husband hang around
with, and pekar gettin
all screwed up from

missing the wife,
and i wonder if they
had a lot of sex or
had good sex and
i pray that i won’t
get cancer and i wish
the wife was that
creative and i hope
these poems get to
see the light of day.



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2 responses to “touch of splendor

  1. I hear you, man. I had almost exactly the same response to the film. The only thing is that at least Harvey got to be famous, not just fucked up like the rest of us!

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