this place is a wonderland.

tell me, is there something wrong
with a bookstore that has the same stocks
of bukowski poetry anthologies,
and beat novels; the same copy of
american splendor collection
and basketball diaries
all getting friendly with dusts ?

c’mon and tell me what’s wrong
with a record store that has the same piles
of old blues and jazz records
from monk to archie shepp,
from cecil taylor to nina simone,
from howlin wolf to stevie ray vaughan;
even the same soundtracks :
like the last king of scotland,
o brother where art thou,
lady killers, cold mountain
even empire records or trainspotting
or garden state or wonder boys —
been on sale from 10 aed to 5 aed
within a month ?

same shit goes with the movies :
from jim jarmush to a spike lee joint
early sean penn, bergmann, bogart,
charlie chaplin, orson welles,
skate boarding and surfing documentaries
french art films and
richard pryor boxsets.

this place is a wonderland,
and i stand in awe and stupefied
on equal measure.


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