the man

his name echoed from nowhere; someone shouted and pointed us to him.
the street leading to his place was muddy. it had rained the night before
and people who all looked like iggy pop are all lined up like empathy dolls
scratching for some piece of action and as we passed by, i felt an all familiar
feeling worthy of comparison to raoul duke’s paranoia — this must be good,
I calmly convinced myself as I feel the heat and scrutiny of their eyes.
the crazier the people, the better the drugs we can score.

his name echoed from nowhere and his place recalls tree houses;
we had to climb up and get inside this little hole,
“ for safety and precautionary measures “ R said in case of a drug bust.
inside, the mans’ place was fit enough for three.
it was perfect and once inside, we finally meet the man —

his face and his body spelled U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-O-D —–
understood, meaning that he’s the real deal.
understood, meaning that he’s been in the block for a long time now.
understood, meaning that he got the stuff.
understood, meaning that he’s going to wire us up good.
introductions was made, we handed the money and he told us to sit down;

R who had never slept for three days was rambling, his thoughts was
all over the place — he asks for a long bed for us to stay awake.
and the man obliged. and the man did ordered somebody and
this somebody ordered somebody who ordered somebody to get it.

the man was a virtuoso, made a burner just using his mere fingers…

” i will learn a lot from this man “, I said.




hail of smokes are coming out of my fingertips —
” gusto mo ng pipe ? ” R asked.
” di. tuter lang ako “, i answered.
R was letting me go all the way. he had his fill
or had a change of mind and just wanna try
sleeping later tonite which of course, is bullshit.

invisible cool wraps my head within three minutes —
all the bug inside my head disappeared and was
replaced by someone talkin’ lowbrow poetry;

words verses metaphors symbolisms all a blur —
the man and R exchanges in putting the final touches
on the residue like some collaborative painting.

“ man make gods out of chemicals within minutes “

his name echoed from nowhere and we sat still for another 10 minutes
and converse and shook hands and made promises before we leave.

rain was already pouring and nobody on the hallway except a child
playing with her slippers on the mud filled water on the pavement.

R was wearing a hoodie. the invisible cool is my fucking umbrella.

there’s an ancient like ambiance walking in the rain
and having your shoes soaked with mud.
there’s an incense like smell all around the slum.
a zen like feeling as we walk by people after people
crammed inside flop houses, sitting in stools,
slumped on the side of the streets, not minding
the water dripping on their back — on an altered state of mind,
everything that can be sensed can be mistaken for something.

” dito ako tinutukan ” said R, pertaining to what happened
to him one week ago when a kid pointed a knife on him
and ran away with the stuff; the street was narrow and no lights
at nights, a rather fine backdrop of a noir crime scene set up.
indeed — only in the Philippines.

we walked and talked of going back the next day ———

i forgot to tell the man, serve me and i’ll be your servant.





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