the RTA peep show

the elderly man seems to be
having difficulty standing up;
in his face lies the impression
of being amused as if a life
altering event had happened
and it took his breath away.

a couple of minutes ago, he was
staring hard and dead straight
to a woman who was dress up in
corporate attire and skirt hiked
up and the usual thighs open for
the taking of every one’s eyes;

between timid pauses and glaring
looks, he was on the look out for
any one looking at him — the sight
lasted for a solid twenty five minutes,
enough to have this grown man sigh;
considering their custom of fixed
marriages, this elderly man if single
is either full of it and getting some
piece of meat somewhere and he
was being natural or not getting it
at all and with an uncaringly beautiful
long – legged white woman poking
on his imagination, things can go
awry in the middle section and so
when it came to his stop, he was
adamant to get off the train —

this is what women does to men
in such situation like this :

some men had revolt without
many people noticing it.

some men who noticed went
and wrote poems about it.


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