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its been goddamn
difficult writing something
for you

when all i have are few memories
to rely on;

and the bad keeps coming back
so i try to pay no mind and saved them
as drafts and drag it straight
to the trash bin.

regret is a waste of emotion
or so they say…

it’s your day and i want to remember
as much good times as i can.



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analogy to some poetic inclination

this is my hey jude and
you are mick jagger opening the door
and they are your band’s hangers on and groupies
and press assistants and roadies
and party guests
lying on the carpeted floor
having sex behind curtain walls ;

she is my linda
and i wouldn’t want to do this
but i love her —

in awe you will listen
to my thundering chorus.

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channeling brando

brando said
actors only have
few faces

inside their
pockets and i wish
it would be

the same with
poets so i don’t
have to read

them talking
about their selves
over and over

again behind
facade of words
and verses.



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to max

don’t know why
they say all dogs
go to heaven
when they die
but i would love
to see you there —

your paws and tongue
massaging the back
of tired saints

playing fetch with angels
with that stupid
flattened plastic ball

rolling your body of
fine dark fur with ticks on
ethereal clouds and blue skies

barking on the pearly gates
as it denies entry to
some poor souls

howling on the illuminating
light as you watch angels
of death take flight

ripping off the first few
chapters whatever holy book
you might see there

piss on the throne of the
Almighty and marking it
as your territory;

go max, and mess around
have God clean your crap
scattered all over the place —

it’s much better to do than
shed a tear and run out of breath
as you finally meet your maker.



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For the Record, poem by Anggo Genorga, drawing by David Barker

from Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology….more tributes at

Silver Birch Press


by Anggo Genorga 

Charles Bukowski
made poetry simple.
he shoved metaphor
out of his way and
never look back;
something the academics
will never understand.

“For the Record” by Anggo Genorga and drawings and writing by David Barker appear in the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology — a 272-page collection of poetry and prose about Charles Bukowski as well as portraits of the author by over 75 artists and writers around the world — available at

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inaantok ka ba ?
gusto mo ba matulog ?

punta ka sa banyo,
bigyan mo’ng sarili mo
ng limang minuto


mag kunwari.

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ex – profile

i call her from time to time
after a day’s work usually
but it’s not everyday; she
doesn’t know it’s me on the
other line and all i tell her
is to transfer me to their IT
department adapting different
tone and even doing an accent
at some point. she used to
recognize my voice right away
but time had already changed
that. it’s the best that i could do —
me calling her and her not knowing
it was me, keeping that peace of mind
she had sought for so long always
in check and unbothered.


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