# 6 and this other poet

me and this poet went to the same college only i was
debarred after a year for FA’s and non – attendance;

it was him in Isetann Recto, looking for a Marley fix
on the record store where i used to steal casette tapes;

me and a drummer friend used to bum cigarettes
with a guy who was one of the staff writers
of the school’s literary journal and always carried
a cd of Ritual De Lo Habitual like a security blanket
and kept bugging us to submit poems to him;

The Flame was the name of this literary journal
and this is where i first read about his
three poem suite called Guru And Ganja;

the same journal was given to me three years after
by one of my classmates on the new school i was enrolled in
who also went to the same university and was debarred as well.
it was an anniversary issue and featured two of his writings
which were eventually featured on his first book;

a drug buddy from the new school gave me a copy of The Fly
and i found out that he was the editor of this zine and had formed
a spoken word and jazz combo which was garnering
some cult following in the local rock music scene;

i was doing poetry reading backed up with free improvisational music
on a school presentation to make up for my absences and to pass
my humanities subject when i learned that his band had a hit
on the local radio;

it was almost by accident that i learned of his first volume of
collected poetry – i was checking out National Bookstore for a copy
of Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers when the title of his book caught
my attention and read it and steal it right there and then by stuffing
it in my pants and walking straight face on the exit;

and this very copy i haven’t entirely read got lost two weeks after
by another friend who went home drunk fucked out of his mind
with an unzipped back pack;

and when his other two poetry books came out, i never had a copy.
i’d tried stealing it but i wasn’t that all familiar with the
security measures of the other bookstore that had copies of it,
and i never thought of buying one too.

and i’m not really sure if he was the guy on the record store
but you know what ? — this kind of shit always happens when
someone get famous – every one has their own story to tell.Image


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