cut and dried

” …if no one discovers you
   Imagethen time will. “

– excerpt from Unsung

yeah, i should repeat
on saying this to myself
like a mantra and forget
it’s my poetry as i read
these three emails i’d just
received today —

the first one saying that
they had already selected
the writings to be featured for
their next issue;

the other two almost saying
the same thing like they
enjoyed reading the poems
except the other never mentioned
i can try again.

i tell you this,

convincing yourself goes
on a different ball game
when you start getting an
inkling that such kind words
really mean otherwise.

i’ve heard kindness kills many times
and three more of these rejections
are enough to destroy a man —

” let the whole world catch up,
   if no one discovers you
   then time will. “

but the other guy inside my head
kept saying,
                      i should just quit
and feed the fire of anonymity



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3 responses to “cut and dried

  1. Of course! I adore poetry like this. Submissions for TPC have to be original (ie. not already published on your blog) but if you write something similar send it straight in! Would love to have you on board 🙂

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