to max

don’t know why
they say all dogs
go to heaven
when they die
but i would love
to see you there —

your paws and tongue
massaging the back
of tired saints

playing fetch with angels
with that stupid
flattened plastic ball

rolling your body of
fine dark fur with ticks on
ethereal clouds and blue skies

barking on the pearly gates
as it denies entry to
some poor souls

howling on the illuminating
light as you watch angels
of death take flight

ripping off the first few
chapters whatever holy book
you might see there

piss on the throne of the
Almighty and marking it
as your territory;

go max, and mess around
have God clean your crap
scattered all over the place —

it’s much better to do than
shed a tear and run out of breath
as you finally meet your maker.




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2 responses to “to max

  1. michelle

    thank you be…

  2. incrediblewordcrap


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