lament for the fall guy

” enough for the night “. that’s
what the head policeman said after
the raid last night. he barged along
with barangay tanods whose faces
we knew. we we’re on the back next
to the house doing drugs when it took
placed and my scorer even sang rod
stewart’s some guys have all the luck
as we heard the muffled screams of
the pusher that was arrested.

after that raid, the men who were with
the policeman went on doing their
usual routine — guard the street as they
take shots of emperador and isaw and
played cards and drank 3 in 1 coffees
thru white plastic cups and smoked
whatever cigarettes left from the previous
night and placed bets on a gambling game
in a funeral wake and eat either skyflakes,
monays or soup and one of them even
went to us to do drugs to make sure
he can stay up until his shift ended,
” gotta stay awake for the job “, he said.
and I thought of that pusher and how he
would come up for bail money or what would
his 2 year old kid eat until he’ s out from jail
and selling dope on the streets again, will her
wife give hand jobs to young men scoring drugs
just to make it thru the day, but that is one
business that is not mine to pry —–

these words, this was all that I can do for him.


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