yeah, it ain’t the end of the world


you’ve seen many things

my new friend
and one eye goin’ blind
won’t keep you from seeing
the worst .

of course, they will say
it doesn’t matter
keep it up
it’s the poet in you not the man
with one eye unable to see
that will watch the world
and write about it

and dig that there’s some
good old bullshit romanticism
in there to which
we are fond of

like Beethoven losing his hearing
and Van Gogh lacking one ear,

Manet’s silenced legs, Renoir’s
plagued with arthritis, Matisse’s
strapped in a wheelchair

or Frida Khalo’s rebirth from
a freak accident,

even Django Reinhart somehow,
whose fourth and fifth fingers
were paralysed.

they will tell you that
like some good music playing
in the ears
in a shuhada day…

truth is, it’s a motherfucker
losing an eyesight
and you know it.

( for Subhankar Das )


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