in the house

( to lorem ipsum )

this lonely hearts club
we’re in together
with the rest
is slowly killing me,
the suckers are
punching holes and
letting the crows in
and i had to let some go
to be likened by others
who have patience
greater than mine;

where are you? if you’re
bleeding dry,
i want you to know
it’s just a phase
but if it stays for too long
then you’re the problem
not the words,
the muse is highly overrated
but certainly
you can milk it…
i tell you, just let it slide —

i have 8 cans of red horse
come out wherever you are
pull up a chair
pick a record to play
let’s talk about the storm brewing in the horizon
from london to new york to paris to milan
let’s talk about our dream – covered screams,
why vai is better than joe sat
and we can start by you telling me
just where the fuck
have you been.


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