first morning

we tried to make love
late in the morning
as soon as we woke up.
i wanted it to last long
and sweet and without
the distractions that
usually got in the way,
in my mind or in some
other ways. the sun outside
was rather shy and the wind
blew its cool just fine; our
neighbors on the next two
partitions had stayed out
from the night before and
the rests inside the room
was still fast asleep, it was
perfect, perfect, perfect —
she could sigh and moan as
loud as she wanted and
i can pin her on the four
corners of the room and be
careless even of the slightest
noise we could make but
as usual, we never made it
to home run. such is the folly
of vice and aging ungracefully;
we both fell down on the mattress
catching our breaths and caringly
massaged each other’s chest.


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