crazee love

she have an almost
beautiful story
of dancing on a bed
before making love
to a stranger she
had met on a church
as she was handling foods
to homeless kids ;

covered only by a
swaying white bedsheet,
he said she’s like
an angel before
he gave her a taste
of sheer abandon.

and when i hung out
with her, she made me
wrap my arms around
her while inside a
jam – packed jeepney —
my hand on top of
her young but already
saggy breast and her
two kids sitting on both
of our laps.

she doesn’t have
nipples and she said
she had cut it out for
reasons she cannot recall
and had a steamy affair
with one of her cousins
who told her she was
a great fuck which was
almost ironic since her
husband wouldn’t touch
her and have sex with
other women instead.

and when we did got it on
she had to wash my white uniform
stained by her blood and i wait
for her to finish as she listens
to a Lenny Kravitz song;

and the last time i ever
saw her, she almost got hit
by a bus when she tried to
cross the street from where
she stabbed me with a fork ;

that very same night, I left
her there, tricking her of buying
some cigarettes before we go
ahead and check in to
some cheap hotel.

this was all before she completely lost her marbles :

she’s out there                                                  now
and pausing
for any
lucid moments
ready to take her back ;
waiting beyond sanity
scavenging leftovers on trashcans
and walking the earth
on broad daylight
stark naked and
lovingly covered
with dirt                                                          once again.



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