art – begets – reality rag

there’s a sex joke i know which
tells about a man who came
to the city & crossed paths w/ a
hooker who asked him for sex;
inside the cheap hotel, the hooker
got hot & obliged the man for a 69
but gave up & quit when the hooker
let out a stink right on his face &
the man in a raised voice sayin’ he
wouldn’t be able to take the next 68.

this shit happened to me —-

except i was on top & there was
a bit of turd that came out & the
hooker almost punch me in the face
& went out screaming clutching her
bra & running back to her pimp.
my ass almost got kicked by a bunch
of thugs waiting outside hoping to get
some piece of the action. i doubled
her pay & gave her motherfucking
pimp a 100 peso just to save face.

( dedicated to Catfish McDaris )


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Filed under lowbrow poetry

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