nothing short of a grim epiphany

when you opened your eyes wide,

pupil dilated,

ill with hungry yellow cancer

and there flowed a numbing stream of tears

as your bed sored back,

by then, all bone and dry skin

jerked upwards

enveloped in muted suffering

then next witnessed your pained stare

on the ceiling


whatever it was

you were seeing

as you spoke on a fainted voice

of ominous cloak

of perpetual silence

closing in


you —-

cold sweats

tremors of fever inside

heavy panting inducing apparitions

spilled milk on what became your chiseled witch like chin


shit stains

butt rashes

piss on white gloves

dirty brown fluid spitting tubes

and the poignancy found on your tongue hanging out like a tired dog

—–i came to realized that those were the moments

that took

a huge part of me

and went


with you

and I know,

i will never be

the same again

and to the gods I pray,

to prove me wrong

this time around.

( in loving memory of Norma M. Genorga 1946 – 2014 )



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