the poet writing about himself from an egotistical point of view in response to a call for submission

he’d written poetry
& kept it
to himself
but the last two years
had been great,
he said —
a tribute to Bukowski
a book for benefit for Haiyan victims
a couple of poems
here and there
The Quirk,
Empty Mirror,
Mad Swirl,
Boston Poetry Mag,
Screech Owl,
Hash N’ Pumpkins,
Walking Is Still Honest,
Midnight Lane Boutique.

but the
is not as
as it should
be looking
at it from a
bird’s eye view,
when you’re
lying down on
a foam with
Throne Of
Atlantis playing
on the laptop
3x already
during the
first half
of the day
& junk foods
all over

& knowing
that all
the while,
he’s been
for the
past 2 wks
& about
to face
the fact
that he must
go back to
point of origin
as the
law say,
thus, leaving
his wife
& starting
again from

he stood up
& went outside
for a cigarette
& let out
smoke rings
from the
6th floor ;
on fire means
doing great
& cannot
be stopped.
a sly grin
next to a
deep sigh
then things
made sense
to him.


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