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ang bangkero ng dalawang ilog

” ang betlog kinakalog, ang matigas na ulo inuumpog. ”

sabi ng
kumpare kong
malikot sa aparato.


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deaths sings and doesn’t seem to stop

became more
of a concept

rather than
a place to
look forward

going to ;
the music
in my ears

tells me,
tears only
gets to

it missed
the fact

that nothing
can be

than being

who does
not know

going to.

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i can never
make sense

of the times
when you read
into my poems ;

if i feel
you need one,
i will write it
and give it
to you

but know that
there is enough
beautiful poetry
already on
the tie that binds

putting it down
to words
will be a
futile effort

and like faith,
you just
gotta believe
when i say,

i love you.


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from The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

———- CAUGHT ———–

lying nude in spread eagle fashion
as if she was waiting for God’s love to be bestow upon her
or for some angels to come and take her
from a pale yellow circle
and around is black.

you can also read it here :

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in vino veritas, a dude say this
if he messed up big time and
realized what an asshole
he was the last night,

and between the busted lip
i’m still trying to figure out
how i got it
the asshole
on a large fucking scale
that i happened to
is some poetic place
where the humor
found in self – deprecation
can be championed
and a universal belief
that no one
can deny the asshole
in everyone
because after all,
everybody has one
or so they say ;

and i’m pretty sure
there’s poetry to milk
from this headache
just like the poetry on looking
at oneself in a mirror
and talking to yourself
and somehow managed
to interrupt your own

or maybe it ain’t poetry
at all but just me
talkin’ with my head
pretty close
to my ass
as my wife repeat the word
to me again and again,

but you know what,
in any given time of the day,
i will never trade in the
goddamn drunk asshole with the
goddamn drunk asshole
that talks behind my back.

that being said, now let me
wallow on the surprise of
having a chirped tooth as well.

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and a daughter is not enough, or a son
or being a couple with someone
who would stick thru all the shit
or the idea of a family
and God or the belief to some higher being
is not enough
the cheap girls and empty sex is always there
but not enough, at least not the salvation
you’ve been dreaming of
same with the hangers on, with the groupies
even friends and lovers and ex – lovers
and lovers entwined between promises and lies
and death for all its horror is not enough
and thus, you romanticize
and life is just a page in a book, just another chapter
and time never fails to find a way
for us to lose it
and the music, shit, man
even the music is not enough,
all it did was saved you
a couple of times ———-

bring on, bring on those rallying horses ;
the poison will always be there
for you,

play on, play on your sweet music brother

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