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halika na

“ be gusto ko na umuwi “

sabi mo —-

sige, dito na lang tayo mamrublema, dito na natin

namnamin ang buhay at ang lungkot na kaakibat nito,

dito na tayo mag iyakan at tanungin ang isa’t isa

kung tama ba na tayo’y umiyak?

at dito na rin tayo sumigaw

nang tayong dalawa lamang ang makakarinig.


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every fucking night

as I try to feel my way

close to serenity, death sings

and doesn’t seem

to stop

and robbed me of my sleep.

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to milk

“ if you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn “


that was Bird.

that was a statement


not a fine piece of writing

fished off

from the very heart and soul of the flesh

who walked the line and never got back,

others withered away.


get a life.

write about it.


yeah, every poet is a thief

but nobody said


just stay there, don’t move


from your safefuckingdistance

and do some more

of that


on those tits


what yer

best buds

will surely call


p – o – e – t – i – c


l – i – c – e – n – s – e

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home sweet home no more

sit in your own chair,

pay attention

when they say


you have to move and find

some place else.

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talk about hitting the nail right on the head

“ do not be overly influenced by any writer you may or may not admire.

including me, in fact especially me. this will lead to imitation, which is

to be avoided at all costs. “


joseph ridgwell



“ now start writing something truly novel. “


anggo genorga

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in mysterious ways.

you’ll get there,

keep on posting

because writing ain’t


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