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new dildo

best thought is talking to one self first
before letting go of the imagination.
first thought is overrated.

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i was told he died and transporting his body back to his home country was put on hold due to an ebola virus outbreak somewhere in Africa. i never got to know him well but i’m sure he was nice. he was already aboard on ship during my wedding and no one from his family had send any regards whatsoever until a few weeks later.

recently, his eldest son stays at their house every weekend. he was only allowed Saturdays and Sundays and have to report back to the facility as ordered by the judge.
a junkie in and out of rehab for ten long years,
i worry about him the most.
i leave the dead to the ferryman.

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sambit ng tropa patungkol sa tatay n’yang kamamatay lang

bukas linggo

araw nang pagkabuhay

pero si erpat



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to Catfish McDaris

the poetry that gets to be published

first introduces you, what follows are

nothing short of empty handshakes.

visions are worth seeing where it

may lead us. it also means fucking

other people up. that being said,

i want you to know i still wish there

is a joint chapbook of our poetry

published out there somewhere.

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losing marbles

it’s only a matter of time before I speak the language of these walls ; where I’ll be able to figuratively snap the air around me and see the thin lines that divides a man’s eventual breakdown. it’s only a matter of time before this darkened room finds its way to stay in permanent pitch black and leave only my thoughts speaking aloud about a near and dying light. it’s only a matter of time when ghosts can finally cease on haunting and feel at home in our bedroom and when silence turns to being more than golden and when rest, alas, becomes one with eternal peace, there you will be and then you will see me not the way you wanted to see me, lifeless and free…SURREAL

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