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gusto kong pumatay ng oras

namamalantsa ng mga polo na gagamitin sa pag aply ng trabaho…

sambit ng may pagka – gago ko na sarili :


“ ‘di maganda mag apply na may bloodshot eyes dahil sa puyat “


“ oo nga. “, sagot naman ng gago kong sarili

habang taas baba ang hagod ng plantsa

sa linya ng pulang checkered na polo.gusto ko pumatay ng oras


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nearly famous

with a string of poems after poems

recently accepted and published on

numerous blogs,webzines and in print,

the wife says she’s been having these

very great feeling that i’m gonna have

a poetry book published soon enough;


” ahhh, yess, yes, of course…”,

raising the bar of this so–called

poets’ sense of false bravado.

the kind of stuff which legends are made of.

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fixin’ to die is all i hear

the sun is rising…the monkey talks of chasing

what’s left from last night’s delight

still up and running inside the brain ;

a quick run to score some more to dream about

is what i need, not this morning’s dying light.


so how much we still got for food money ?

              fixin to die

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