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and a daughter is not enough, or a son
or being a couple with someone
who would stick thru all the shit
or the idea of a family
and God or the belief to some higher being
is not enough
the cheap girls and empty sex is always there
but not enough, at least not the salvation
you’ve been dreaming of
same with the hangers on, with the groupies
even friends and lovers and ex – lovers
and lovers entwined between promises and lies
and death for all its horror is not enough
and thus, you romanticize
and life is just a page in a book, just another chapter
and time never fails to find a way
for us to lose it
and the music, shit, man
even the music is not enough,
all it did was saved you
a couple of times ———-

bring on, bring on those rallying horses ;
the poison will always be there
for you,

play on, play on your sweet music brother


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